Various Forms of Clutter

                I started to realize that there was clutter in other forms other than things that I didn’t need or want to keep. There was clutter in what I DID want to keep too. There were papers I did want to keep and I knew there must be a better way to keep them but still have access to them. A year or two ago, my mom took all of her lesson files and scanned them into the computer.. She said it took a long time and now she has some CDs burned with those files on them. Now she can go right to the CD and just look at it when she wants to or when she needs to. She has also given a copy of the CDs to me.

                I thought this was a great idea, realizing I was more likely to access whatever I need to on the computer since I am on it quite a bit during the day anyway. I started doing the very same thing. My mom was right about one thing; It has taken a while, especially with me going back to school. That makes things busy really fast. This hasn’t been the only thing I’ve been doing. I have been typing up notes I’ve had for years. This is also something I am still working on. Some articles I have had in paper form I have been able to find online and save as files. Another thing I have done is to better evaluate whether it is ‘worth it’ to keep something. If there is a book I am considering keeping and it only has eight pages I might refer back to, I’m not going to keep it. I might as well scan or copy the pages I want to keep and sell the book. If there is a significant portion of a book I want to refer back to I will keep it.

                The other thing I have done is to make things as paperless as possible. I had already made it so I can access bank statements online. This was primarily for security reasons and because we mostly did online banking anyway. It needless to say was a simple decision.  I would rather get a text or an email as opposed to something in the mail. This makes things easier since I don’t have to go looking for the paper; I can just sign into a website for my accounts and there is a history of payments. I can also view my bill online. I can also download a copy of my bill to my computer. This makes things easy too. It’s taken a little while but I am starting to see the benefits of having my papers contained and not as noticeable as before. I am liking it. I do though still keep papers I need, but have folders set up in my cabinet where I file them as soon as I can. This is not to say that paper is gone from my life, but the amount of paper is minimal compared to what it was before with papers everywhere.


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A Start of Something BIG

The first step in my journey was to decide to get organized. A couple years ago I was at my breaking point; I was constantly losing things that I needed or wanted to find and I was just tired of it. I was wasting time and I knew it. I was also very frustrated. I thought if I could just find the things I wanted when I wanted or needed them it would be a lot easier.

I did resist a little bit at the beginning because of the things I would throw away. Being a conscientious person, I reasoned that it was better that I keep stuff the way it was because of things going to the landfill. I didn’t want to throw things away which were still good; I thought of it as being wasteful. I did realize a little later I had to get rid of what I didn’t need. I got over the hang-up (I guess is what you would call it) and started throwing away, giving away or selling what I didn’t need.

It was at this point I really started to find what I didn’t need. I started asking myself when the last time I used something was. Some of it was years ago.. unfortunately. Those things needed to go as soon as I could find them.

I also started to check out books about getting organized. There are a couple books that stand out in my memory I would like to recommend. These can be found in my Books I found Useful On my Journey link.

I started getting rid of things. I thought I would miss some things, but really I didn’t. I liked having things cleaner and making things easier to find. This would also make things easier to clean when I did have to clean up from time to time I reasoned.

As part of one of the books, they also have a website that goes along with it. They encourage posting pictures of what you have gotten rid of. I have only signed up with the website. I haven’t posted any pictures of which I have a few of on my computer.

Things started getting better. I found that I had more room and could find things easier. This did not only happen to my physical stuff, it also helped that I was organizing my computer files.

I also started to designate places where things belong. I also tried (didn’t always succeed in the beginning) but as time went on I got better about putting things back in the same place. It started working! I was excited. I was also more positive I think since I had less to worry about and could find something faster.

There was more to do however. This is ALWAYS true. Whatever you are concentrating on at the time, there is always something to do.

I also found that a saying I have always heard is very true. I’m sure you’ve heard it said somewhere that “A place for everything and everything in its place”. It is very true. If you have a ‘home’ or a place for everything. It does make things much easier in my opinion.

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My Journey into Simple Living; The Very Beginning

My journey into Simple Living started in April 2012 so a little over two years ago. I didn’t know then what I was doing had a name; in my mind I really just wanted to get more organized, be able to find things and save time. I started getting rid of books and things that I would later donate/give away, sell, or throw away. I discovered there were quite a few books I wasn’t reading or things I had no use for.

I never thought I would be the type of person to want to be more organized or live simply. It just wasn’t in my personality. Growing up in my bedroom I would put some things in places of their own, but my room was a disorganized mess in general. Sure I cleaned my room so the carpet was visible but that was it and I maybe vacuumed sometimes. I was pretty content with saying to myself that it is in the room somewhere although I rarely knew exactly where it was. This happened quite a few times growing up. My mother was the opposite of me; she wanted to know where everything was and she knew exactly where to find just about anything. My mother’s personality and my personality are quite a lot alike.

As a kid and a teen especially, you think about your future and vow that you will never parent the way your mother and father did and that was that. Then you realize as you grow up that you have actually become your mother or become your father. We express surprise and shock that it happens and it does happen whether we want it to or not. People can and do change over time. We just may not realize it until sometime down the road. We just are able to reflect on who we were and see how far we have come. This is when we realize the progress we are truly making.

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